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    Hate Speech Against Women?

    Jamie Bergamasco
    Jamie Bergamasco

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    Hate Speech Against Women? Empty Hate Speech Against Women?

    Post  Jamie Bergamasco on Fri May 25, 2012 6:52 am

    Recently I had three comments removed from Facebook that were considered "hate speech" against women. I am now banned for posting anything for one day and am probably on the verge of being booted from the site. I have been on Facebook for nearly 8 years (I was the first Bergamasco on the site!) and in that time I have posted some hardcore and profanity-laced tirades about blacks, Jews, etc in which I used racial and ethnic slurs against these groups. In that entire time I've never been reported or had a single problem with Facebook admin. Now, all of a sudden I call women "wicked" and "stupid" and there's an uproar. Apparently what I said falls under Facebook's "hate speech" standards. Keep in mind that what I am saying is no different from what the Church Fathers taught regarding women, including Tertullian who called them "the gateway to the Devil".

    The truth is that all of this is no surprise to me. Men's Rights Activism has been exploding recently. In fact, the SPLC/ADL just this year labeled Men's Rights Activists as "hate groups". Women have become a privileged class just like minorities. What does this mean for the Catholic? Quite a bit actually. Even a modernist heretic like Michael Voris can see that the Novus Ordo is practically run by women. The Novus Ordo hierarchy knows that their base is women so just like Democrats catering to their base of minorities the Novus Ordo hierarchy caters to women. It's no secret that sins of the flesh damn most people to Hell yet if a Novus Ordo priest was to preach a sermon on how scandalous women's clothing leads many souls to Hell he'd be sure to alienate a majority of his parishioners who wear those clothes. That's just one example of many.

    Much more can be said but it's high time we stop focusing so much on Jews, Freemasons, etc. and look at how our own women have turned on us and are now a privileged class. The fact is even most "traditionalist" women would disagree with me and go on and on about how "they're not a feminist" when in reality they are. They also do nothing to curb the Feminist State which does intense damage to our society thanks to easy divorce laws, alimony, and child support laws that benefit women. There are thousands of loving fathers in jail because they cannot pay child support payments thanks to the MANcession (i.e., the recession that's affected far more men than women) despite the fact that this is unconstitutional, a gross injustice on a Natural Law level, and their former wife is shacked up with another man in the house they paid for. The State has usurped the role of father/husband and women are the beneficiaries. Of course, in order for the State to play this role they have to finance themselves on the blood, sweat, and tears of men (and, oh do they ever). Feminism is women's base operating programming (i.e., unless they have sanctifying grace *they will* be feminists) and men must realize this. Feminism is certainly exacerbated by our modern culture but it wasn't the Jews, Freemasons, or anyone else that made Eve rebel against God and become the occasion of sin for Adam's Fall. You could say the Devil tempted her but she still made the conscious decision to disobey God. Lots of "traditionalist" women want to rail on men and how "they're not being real men" but you never hear them actually defend Men's Rights and the Christian Patriarchy. They want all the benefits of a traditionalist society without assuming any of the responsibility which for women means to know your role and shut your mouth... or I guess the Holy Ghost speaking through St. Paul was mistaken when He ordered women not to dare to teach or raise their voice against men. They're quite fortunate that Christianity liberated them but now that modern society has provided a better deal is it any surprise that they've shaken off Christianity or have embraced a feminized (i.e., false) version of it?! Look up hypergamy and you'll find what women are all about. They go for the best deal at the time. Period.

    I'll end this by saying a wise man once told me to marry a woman who is obedient to you and not the Church. Don't be taken in by facades of piety (including her modest dress or praying habits) or her insistence that she's "pro-life, anti-homosexual, anti-feminist, and strongly opposed to the Novus Ordo". Confront her on Men's Rights issues. For example, if she believes it a terrible thing for a man to use corporeal punishment against his errant or disobedient wife than kick her to the curb. Remember, you are the Vicar of Christ for your family and you hold the authority. All of it. Don't let any woman tell you otherwise and don't marry or court any woman who finds this concept "misogynistic".

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    Hate Speech Against Women? Empty Re: Hate Speech Against Women?

    Post  xwill1988x on Tue May 29, 2012 5:56 pm

    I think Jamie is right on regarding the issue of femenism.

    I honestly think that femenism is a dual-sided blade: if the men aren't serious about being stable with an income as well as wanting commitment in relationships oriented towards marriage, then the women will end up supporting themselves and taking the lead, which is already been happening for a long time now. The only reason why the women seem bolder is because the men have been and are getting weaker. We have to resist the modern depiction of men and women, and strive to be good examples of what men really are: good leaders that are bold, and uncompromising.

    If laymen completley deposed Nestorious in the Early Church for his heresy in denying that Mary is the Mother of God, and started a rebellion and chanted that they had an emperor but no bishop, why didn't our forefathers do the same when the 'bishops' and the so-called 'pope' signed Vatican II and/or the New Mass?

    The same thing could be said about the wides-spread denial of the salvation dogma as Baptism of Desire and Invincible ignorance. These traditions of men were militantly being spread after Vatican I via catachisms and theological manuals with no precedence and due to Pope Pius IX's encyclicals which were misinterpreted. Where was the resistance apart from Fr. Feeney? I wish our forefathers held their ground and resisted, but I hate to sy that our fathers' fathers were weak. I guess it's up to us men to stand up for the Church and not give into human respect on femenism, Church doctrine, or morals.

    Apart from what Jamie has sad about corporal punishment in which I totally agree, I would also say that if any woman you meet wants to have a career while being married, then don't get involved with her. I would also say the same if she wants to have "casual guy" friends, but that would be for a different discussion on this thread. Either way, the woman's role is to be a man's helpmate, not the breadwinner according to the book of Genesis. The bible also tells us that women will save their sould through childbearing (1 Timothy 2:15). If women choose to have a career, then they should not marry because they will ruin her marriage by not being with and raising their children. It's really sad, but femenism really destroys the dignity of motherhood which is forgotten by most people.

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