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    Recent bar debate


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    Recent bar debate  Empty Recent bar debate

    Post  Admin on Thu May 31, 2012 3:55 pm

    So I was in a bar a couple days ago and me and my "buddy" saw on the tv a clip of a guy who threw a little toddler in to the washing machine and ran away while the mother tried to get the baby out(which she did)and my bud was like "thats messed up! Who would ever be mentally messed up enough to do that" and I said "well it's the logical progression of abortion, when you allow the murder of children in the womb, why not murder them at three years old?" And his automatic response was "your barking up the wrong tree man, I think women should be able to make that choice" And so we wound up in a several hour long discussion and he brought up every modernist argument perfectly to a tee!
    You know all the cliches, and he gave a lot of them so i'll just talk about some of the ones that stuck out a little to me, and give you roughly the comebacks I hurled back at him.

    "the baby is just part of the mom and can't survive with out her, so she can get rid of him at that point"
    So when does life begin? The Catholic church says that life begins at conception when the soul joins the body and if you don't use the Catholic faith as your foundation for your thinking, you take the place of god because now YOU say when life begins and right now your saying it begins when the baby can survive without it's mother and with that thinking we could say that abortion could be then legal till your child reaches the age of 18 or something, and he said "well hell ya it should be!"

    "the world is fast approaching over population because SOME scientists say the earth can only sustain around 8 billion people"
    Last I herd a scientist came to the conclusion that ALL the people in the world could live in the state of Texas and the whole rest of the world could then be farmed for more food then we could ever use.
    His response was one of bewilderment, actually that was his response to most of my come backs almost like he had grown up on another planet and had no grasp on the reality of the actual world we live in, he then insisted that the world was starving because of over population and abortion and population control are the answers, and when I challenged him by saying that if he really believed that, then he had no right to sit in this bar and spend his money to drink a beer when in fact he should be out buying bread for all the starving people, he replied "I don't care about them, so I'm sitting here and drinking my beer....." the way these people have been taught to to think is just astounding!

    "Government should have absolutely nothing to do with religion, not even to use christian beliefs as a foundation"
    Then what do we use as a foundation? Who's to say murder is wrong? Who's to say stealing is wrong? If you throw the foundational civilized teachings of Christianity out the window then it really comes down to every man for himself and udder chaos follows, and that is pretty much what we are seeing today, it's legal to kill your child, your grandparents, your wife if she's in a vegetative state, suicide's are through the roof, everyone has sex with each other and if you don't you are considered to be ABNORMAL, people who believe in God are openly mocked and scorned, but god-forbid you scorn the relativist, modernist, humanist's for killing there baby's, committing sodomy, having sex with everyone they meet, and so on.

    And the sad part is these people have been so brain washed that they don't even see the problems, but when we try to show them the error of there thinking through sound, logical, factual, strong debate, they will be troubled like my "bud" I could tell he was in deep thought a couple of times that night like his eyes had been opened momentarily, and he really did want to talk about this stuff, even though his preconceived brained washed notion's were to automatically disagree, and I hope in the long run the conversation we had that night does him a lot of good, and all of us Catholic men need to have many more conversations like this with as many people as we can, we have the truth, and the facts, and we are obligated by that very reason to share them aggressively like men, with as many people as possible.


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